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A candidate seeking admission to Don Bosco Institute of Philosophy, Ibadan, has two kinds of conditions to fulfil:

  1. to submit to the Registrar by the day of enrolment the documents listed below, according to the kind of candidate;
  2. to pass the entrance examination, whose results will be communicated only at the end of all sits, towards the end of September 2020.

Every academic year, there are generally four dates for the entrance exam (one each of the following months: May, June, July and September). To pass the entrance exam is absolutely required in order to guarantee, as far as possible, that the intellectual level and the knowledge of English permit the student to competently follow the courses. As far as the documents are concerned, as follows:

For all candidates

(1) Completed SSCE certificate (or WAEC or NECO) with 5 credits, including English Language and Mathematics at not more than two sittings. It is strongly advisable these are originals: they will be scanned or photocopied and returned

(2) National Identity Card or International Passport: these also will be scanned or photocopied and returned.

(3) a passport-size photo.

For all candidates, members of religious congregations (either of Pontifical or Diocesan right) or members of lay Associations of Christian faithful, after their superior (or whomever is in charge) personally contacts the Dean of Studies, the following documents must be submitted:

(1) a recommendation letter by their superior or confrere or person in-charge

(2) the approval letter of the Congregation or of the lay Association of Christian faithful by the diocesan Bishop or the Holy See (at least for the new Congregations);

(3) a letter of acceptance and approval of the enrolment by Mons. Gabriel Leke Abegunrin, present Archbishop of Ibadan Archdiocese, according to his explicit requests.

In case of lack of any of the documents above, the candidate will be considered a lay person.

For lay candidates

(1) a letter of reference by the Parish priest of the place where the candidate is living, in case of a lay candidate.

In case of candidates coming from Seminaries or other universities, together with the previous required ones, there is the need of submitting the following documents, according to the case:

(1) a document from the Rector of Seminary or Head of Department certifying that no disciplinary issue is pending,

(2) the transcript of the courses passed,

(3) their relative detailed outlines and credits.

The final plan of studies will be decided by the Academic Director after examining the required documents. Therefore, without the documents listed above the Dean will not examine the case.

All other special cases are considered and evaluated by the specific commission instituted by the Salesian community.

Unless there are very serious reasons approved by the Provost or the Academic Board, we do not accept new students if they arrive two weeks after the academic year begins.



NB. The lack of the submission of any of the documents mentioned above by the first day of class, will make the candidate not liable to enrolling at Don Bosco Institute of Philosophy, despite he may have passed the entrance examination.


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