Welcome to Don Bosco Institute of Philosophy, Ibadan. Don Bosco is our Father and Founder. His educational philosophy is the basis of our educational system. Lumen et Sapientia – light and wisdom – stands for our unceasing quest for knowledge and truth.

Don Bosco Institute of Philosophy, Ibadan, stands as a beacon of intellectual and spiritual enlightenment within the rich tapestry of the world-wide Catholic religious order. Established in October 2005, in the vibrant city of Ibadan, Nigeria, the institute carries forward the legacy of its founder, St. John Bosco (Don Bosco), and operates as an integral part of the Salesian Province of Nigeria.

A Legacy of Compassion and Education

The Salesian Province of Nigeria-Niger embodies the compassionate and educational spirit of its founder, Don Bosco. Born in 1815, he dedicated his life to serving young people, particularly those who were marginalized, impoverished, and abandoned. His mission was to mold them into not only good Christians but also responsible citizens. To ensure the continuity of this transformative mission, he founded the Society of St Francis De Sales, also known as the Salesians of Don Bosco, in 1859.

Guided by Don Bosco’s teachings and his innovative educational approach known as “The Preventive System,” the Salesian Society has evolved into a global network present in over 130 nations, extending its reach to nearly every corner of Africa and beyond. The profound impact of Don Bosco’s educational philosophy has left an indelible mark on Italy, his homeland, and on the global educational landscape.

Our Mission

Don Bosco Institute of Philosophy, Ibadan, faithfully carries forth the torch of this transformative legacy. As an institution rooted in the Salesian tradition, we are committed to providing a holistic education that nurtures not only the minds but also the hearts and souls of our students. Our mission is to:

  • Promote Holistic Growth: We strive to create an educational environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, moral integrity, and spiritual depth, preparing our students to navigate the complexities of life with wisdom and compassion.
  • Advance Philosophical Inquiry: Building upon the foundation laid by St. John Bosco, we engage in rigorous philosophical inquiry that seeks to unravel the mysteries of existence, ethics, and human consciousness. Our research and academic pursuits contribute to the broader philosophical discourse.

  • Serve Society: True to our Salesian heritage, we are committed to social engagement and community service. Our students are instilled with a sense of responsibility to use their education to uplift the marginalized and contribute positively to society.

Our Presence in Ibadan

Situated in the vibrant city of Ibadan, Nigeria, our institute offers a nurturing environment where students can immerse themselves in rigorous academic exploration while benefiting from the spiritual and ethical guidance imparted by the Salesian philosophy. Our location in this cultural and academic hub allows us to foster a rich intellectual community that extends beyond the classroom.

Discover the transformative journey that awaits you at Don Bosco Institute of Philosophy, Ibadan. Join us in embracing the spirit of Don Bosco’s compassionate education as we delve into the realm of philosophy, nurturing both the intellect and the soul.


P.O Box 7508 Secretariat
New Ife Road, Ibadan, Oyo State

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