The Institute has a library which is constantly being expanded to offer students the opportunity for their academic research. It has about 3,000 volumes which include Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Books in Philosophy, Psychology, Education, African Studies, Religion, etc. Our library subscribes to several different journals and magazines of a philosophical, religious and educational nature. The Institute is still new, and the library is in the process of procuring more books. For this purpose a special budget has already been allocated. Furthermore, the internet will allow the access to e-books available on the net. We have also started the process for e-books subscriptions by inquiring with other libraries in our area that are already subscribing to them, like the diocesan seminary. :

Journals and Magazines

The list of Journal and Magazines in our library is as follow, though this will be modified and updated.

  • American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly
  • Africa Today
  • Africa Week
  • African Christian Studies
  • Bosco Quest
  • Ethical Perspectives
  • Human Development
  • International Philosophical Quarterly
  • Journal of Philosophical Research
  • Osservatore Romano
  • Philosophy Today
  • Review for Religious
  • Spirituality
  • Teaching Philosophy e.t.c