Fees & Payments

2020-2021 Basic School Fees

The Academic Year is made up of two semesters. Each of them has at least 12 complete weeks of class, according to the requirements for affiliation from UPS.

For next academic year, the Inaugural Celebration will take place on Friday, 2nd of October, while the classes will start on the following Monday.

The rest of the calendar will be made known by the beginning of the academic year, but this will certainly end by the end of June 2021.

Very important: The Institute of Philosophy of Don Bosco was born for satisfying the needs for the formation of the members of the Congregation of St Francis of Sales (commonly known as Salesians of Don Bosco, SDB) in the West Africa English-speaking countries (Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Ghana). Nevertheless, since some requests were coming for others to be admitted and after permission of the Salesian Pontifical University (UPS), we opened up to external students.

Therefore, we are aware that some of the dates may not perfectly fit the needs of the several Religious Congregations or lay Associations of Christian faithful. Nevertheless, I ask the ones in charge to pay attention to one of our rules, as requested from UPS, according to which for a student do be admitted to examinations, he must not miss classes for more than 20% of the semester. So, please, knowing that your needs are different from our own, organize your activities accordingly.

If a student exceeds the 20% of absences, he will be considered as not having attended the courses, and therefore he will be in need of another semester in which to attend them. It practically means that the student will not complete his curriculum in 3 years.


For the academic year 2020-2021, fees and deadlines for their payment are as follows. Fees in N to DBIP don’t include the fees to be paid to UPS in € by bank.

                           Fees                                                         Deadline

Admission Form……………. N 2,000           Before Entrance exam

Admission Fee…………….. N 10,000           In case the candidate passes the Entrance exam, by the beginning of class on 2nd October, 2020

Fee (year I and II)………. N 155,000            In three instalments (see below)

Fee (year III)……………… N 164,000           In three instalments (see below)

  • First Instalment Fee (all) N 60,000 By 5th October, 2020
  • Second Instalment Fee (all) N 50,000 By 11th December, 2020
  • Third Instalment Fee (I & II) N 45,000 By 12th February, 2021
  • Third Instalment Fee (III) N 54,000 By 12th February, 2021

UPS fee (year I and II)*   € 105 + N 500     In € by cash or bank by 31st May, 2021

UPS fee (year III)*           € 130 + N 500     In € by cash or bank by 31st May, 2021

* The fees are increased by 500 N because of the bank charges.


Bank Account…….. Salesians of St John Bosco, First Bank, nr 2024081418



The payment of the school fees according to the deadline give right to one copy each of the following documents: ID card, each Semester Results Sheet, DBIP final Transcript, DBIP Certificate, and UPS Bachelor Diploma. The request of further copies and of other documents and certificates will be subject to fee as follows.


DBIP ID card…………………………………….. N 1,500

DBIP Enrolment Certificate………………… N 3,000

DBIP Semester Results Sheet………………. N 1,000

DBIP Transcript…………………………………. N 5,000

DBIP Certificate………………………………… N 5,000

Other DBIP Documents………………………. N 4,000

UPS Bachelor Diploma………… € 25 + Postal Rate



The student will have only two possibilities to rewrite a failed term paper or resit a failed examination. He must pay a fee of N 2,000 and N 1,000 respectively, or of the amount necessary to cover up all the expenses to be given to the lecturer, if the number of students does not cover up the expenses. After two failed attempts, the course will be considered a carry over, and it will be repeated in a following academic year.

In case a student at the end of any academic year fails more than four courses, he is to attend again all the failed courses before going ahead to the next academic year if he wants to continue schooling at Don Bosco Institute of Philosophy. Otherwise, he can decide to leave forever. The payments due will be those of the basic yearly academic fees (140,000 N), paid according to the fixed instalments.

At the expiry of the three years foreseen for the curriculum at Don Bosco Institute starting from the enrolment date, the student is supposed to submit his ID card by the Graduation day and he is no longer considered a regular student at DBIP, either he graduated or not. If not submitted, a penalty of N 5,000 will be asked before withdrawing the certificates.

Therefore, he has no longer the right to make use of the Institute premises (library, class rooms and computer lab).

Nevertheless, in case he has not graduated for academic reasons (and not for disciplinary reasons for which the student has been expelled) and intends to complete his curriculum, his official enrolment is extended by another academic year and a new yearly ID card is issued.

He will be allowed to sit for those examinations or even to attend anew the courses he is still in need to complete. In case special sessions for resit examinations are used, the student will have to pay according to the rules for resit examinations.

Nevertheless, the student that does not complete the academic requirements at the end of the three years, will be allowed to graduate only within two academic years from the end of the regular curriculum. In each academic year he will to add, he will have to pay the basic yearly academic fees (140,000 N).