We recommend all students and staff to respect the following code of conduct. In case of misbehaviour, students or staff may be forbidden to use the library or, in serious cases, may even be suspended or expelled from the Institute.

  1. Bags and folders, umbrellas and the likes are strictly not allowed into the Library or Magazines room.
  2. Books from the following sections of the library will not be available for borrowing: The Generality Section, Multi-Volume books, Newspapers,
    ,Periodicals, etc. and certain sections, which will be declared so by any Subject Teacher.
  3. A student is entitled to borrow 3 books at a time. The books can be kept for a period of 3 class days. On the fourth day, the books must be returned. If necessary, the book can be renewed for 3 more days. No further renewals are allowed, until an interval of at least one class day has elapsed.
  4. Silence is of paramount importance in the Library.
  5. When returning books, kindly refrain from replacing them the shelves, but place them on the Librarian’s desk.
  6. Books, Periodicals, Magazines, Furniture, etc. should not be taken out of the Library or Magazine room without the permission of the Librarian.
  7. For any need, if the Librarian is not around, contact directly the Dean of Studies or the Salesian student/s appointed for the purpose.